Administration breakdown threatens Corbett Tiger Reserve: NGO

Posted On: 02 Jan 2013

People for Animals, Uttarakhand on Sunday alleged that administrative breakdown in Corbett Tiger Reserve was increasingly becoming a threat to wildlife and sanctity of the reserve.  It also accused the honorary warden of Corbett of irregularities. However, the allegations have been denied strongly by Corbett administration.

PFA member secretary Gauri Maulekhi said Corbett received revenue of `55 lakh per annum through tender for canteens. Canteen contractors had requisite licences and operated independently. Thesedays, the rangers managed them with hired workers without accounting and standards.

She said that alcohol is strictly prohibited in national parks but is made freely available to tourists while the rest houses are littered with empty liquor bottles and beer cans. “A national park that claims to be running on eco tourism guidelines has no means of segregation of garbage and all the rubbish is dumped behind the canteens where monkeys and other animals are being introduced to the new diet of rotten processed food. This has led to a shift in the behaviour and diet of the monkeys,” she said.

However, Corbett director Ranjan Kumar Mishra  said the allegations are baseless.

All text courtesy of The Pioneer.

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