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Our Work

To us, at Last Wilderness Foundation, the conservation of wildlife is a continuous endeavor.  We engage with urban and rural communities  as well as the Forest Department in various capacities in a bid to understand and implement effective conservation measures. In urban areas, we work with children to spread awareness about wildlife and biodiversity as well as sensitise them towards conservation and the environment. In rural areas, we reach out to communities living within and around forests to understand, assess  and address various conservation-related issues/impacts that may arise out of human-wildlife interaction. In this regard, it is our endeavor to work towards peaceful human-wildlife interaction to negate the chances of conflict. We also support the government, (by way of the Forest Department) in addressing and implementing conservation measures on field as well as assist them through regular workshops that are aimed at boosting their technical skills as well as their morale. To learn more about our work and the various projects that we undertake, click here. To volunteer or partner with us in our work, please get in touch at: conservation@thelastwilderness.org


Our vision at Last Wilderness Foundation is an India with a vibrant and eternal natural heritage, which is respected and protected by its people.



We have made it our mission to increase awareness about India’s wildlife, its forests and the plight of its tribal populations, to provide assistance to various individuals and organisations (governmental or otherwise) in their battle to conserve its natural heritage and to be actively involved in the sustainable development of the villages and tribal settlements in the peripheries of its forests.

Meet The Team

Nikhil Nagle


An avid wildlife photographer, he has been documenting the forests and wildlife of the Indian subcontinent since his first sighting of a tiger in 1997. In 2010, he quit as Head of India Equities at Citigroup Global Markets, to pursue his passion for wildlife conservation. He remains an Equities Trader and Investor by profession.

Vidya Venkatesh


Vidya, a Commerce graduate, went on to pursue her true calling after 13 years of corporate career. She has been deeply interested in wildlife and a special interest in butterflies. She has also travelled various parts of India and shares a deep concern for conservation issues and contributes her services for the cause on every given opportunity.

Bhavna Menon


As a child, when Bhavna wasn’t flipping through books on nature or fussing over her dog, she spent her time tending to sick animals. A trip to the forests of Namdapha would ensure that her family spent all their vacations in India’s national parks and sanctuaries.Bhavna graduated with a Bachelors degree in Arts from Delhi and later, moved to Mumbai to pursue her post-graduate studies in Journalism.

Pushpendranath Dwivedi


Passionate about documenting wildlife through videos and a keen environmental journalist, Pushpendra has been working in the field of wildlife since 2004. A Field co-ordinator with LWF since 2011, his on-ground work includes implementation of village awareness programmes, addressing conflict situations in villages and reporting wildlife news in a timely manner.

Indrabhan Singh Bundela


Indrabhan is a Post graduate in History. He carries a strong 10 years of work experience in the field of conservation, especially with the Pardhi Community in Panna. He has also conducted several awareness and education programmes during this tenor. Prior to joining LWF, he was working with WWF-India.

Rishika Dubla


Rishika always knew she wanted to study wild animals. She completed her studies in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford before moving back to India, first volunteering with LWF and WII, and then working in UP on freshwater turtle, crocodile and river dolphin conservation. Passionate about science communication and research, she now splits her time as a content writer for LWF and a freelance consultant in Mumbai.

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