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Wildlife Bingo

Wildlife Bingo helps participants increase their knowledge about the biodiversity of India. It is a useful tool for schools and other educational institutions who would like to use fun and games as medium to increase knowledge, create awareness and imbibe sensitisation.

Bilingual (English & Hindi)

The game is priced at Rs. 500/- (Courier charges extra).

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Jungle Dominoes

Jungle Dominoes helps participants increase their knowledge about the biodiversity of India. It is a useful tool for schools and other educational institutions who would like to use fun and games as medium to increase knowledge, create awareness and imbibe sensitisation.

Bilingual (English & Hindi)

The game is priced at Rs. 400/- (Courier charges extra)

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Secrets of the Jungle

In order to celebrate all things wild, Last Wilderness Foundation in association with Kalpavriksh brings to you ‘Secrets of the Jungle‘ or ‘Jungle Ke Rahasya‘ an activity book that provides a gamut of information about the Indian forests and the species living within. A treat especially for children, filled with activities that enhance knowledge about the wilderness in a fun way, the book can be enjoyed as a teacher’s handbook too.

Available in English & Hindi.

The book is priced at Rs. 150/- (Courier charges extra).

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Our Tigers Return

The Story of Panna Tiger Reserve (2009 – 2015) is an illustrated children’s book, written in a narrative style with Megha, a village girl from Panna in conversation with Shri. R. Sreenivasa Murthy, Ex-Director of the Panna Tiger Reserve, authored by Peeyush Sekhsaria and published by LWF. It celebrates the uniqueness of Panna Tiger Reserve and narrates the magnificent story of the revival of Panna and its tigers.

Available in English & Hindi.

The book is priced at: Rs. 150/- (Hindi version); Rs. 200/- (English version); Courier charges extra.

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There are several myths and misconceptions that surround our wildlife that does not always bode well for our forest denizens. Hence, in order to dispel these myths and instead sensitise people (especially in the rural areas) about the importance and role of these animals, Last Wilderness brings to you a set of 4 stories aimed at dispelling myths about tigers, geckos, owls and snakes.



To this effect, Last Wilderness brings to you, a series of caricatures that outline how intentional, un-intentional human disturbance or interference has put our wildlife at risk,in the hope that we learn from our mistakes and attempt to accommodate, co-exist with those whose survival is as important as ours! Human- Wildlife interactions have usually bode ill for man and our wild denizens alike, which in turn, has resulted in the relationship between man and animal to deteriorate over the years.



A visual depiction of India’s Herbivore’s & Carnivore’s, can be used as educational materials in posters or in presentations.


Human-tiger conflict poster (Hindi)

People living in proximity to tiger reserves often come into contact with the big cat often resulting in conflict. Hence, in order to help reduce the same, LWF in association with Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve management released a poster to be displayed in and around villages that will help in disseminating the Do’s and Dont’s of living with tigers, thereby ensuring the safety of the villagers and tigers alike.

This poster can be used by other NGOs, Forest Department, volunteers etc. to be put up in villages near Tiger Reserves.



Story behind the Baiga Jewellery

Baigas are a forest dwelling tribe that live in the jungles on Central India. In order to reduce their dependency on the forest, an attempt has been made to introduce them to an alternate source of livelihood. Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) works closely with the forest department and communities to reduce human-wildlife conflict near tiger reserves. In our work with this tribe, we’ve explored a sustainable source of living using an already existing skill set of the tribe – Jewellery Making.

Tigers in the backyard

Tigers and man have been existing together for many years, but the need for space and sharing of resources has led to a slight imbalance, thereby frequenting the conflict scenario between the two. However, the situation on ground is not all grim. Communication and interaction with the villagers has helped form an invisible bridge and a relatively visible communication channel between the Forest department and villagers. This initiative started by LWF 4 years ago has led to a smoother management of conflict situations in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Apart from conservation outreach, LWF also engages in training programmes for the Forest Department to help equip them with the necessary management skills.

Tiger Song - How to avoid human-tiger conflict (in Hindi)

People living in the buffer zones of Tiger Reserves co-exist with tigers. Sometimes there are conflict situations where human or tiger lives could be lost. This song is one way to spread awareness amongst these villagers on what precautionary measures can be taken to protect themselves in order to avoid any such conflicts. To help spread awareness and reduce man-animal conflicts, please feel free to screen this video at suitable locations. 

Living with Tigers - A glimpse

In 2011 the LWF Team embarked on a journey to gain an insight into the lives of people who live in proximity to the tiger reserve and often alongside the tiger. This then is one such glimpse into the hardships they encounter, their dependency on the forest, conflict with the tiger, livelihood and the lives they lead as people of the forest.

BAGH : Humara Astitva = Saha-astitva

LWF team brings you a movie that takes you through today’s scenario of man-tiger co-existence (Hamara Astitva = Sah-astitva) by ‘Van Devi’ herself. All is not lost even now, she says. How can you help? Find out for yourself.The movie has been created for awareness and outreach purpose, especially for areas/villages surrounding our tiger reserves. 

Village Kids Awareness programme

The Village Kids’ Awareness Programme is conducted by LWF in the villages surrounding the tiger reserves. This programme helps the students to appreciate and understand the forest and the need to save them. Through this programme, each child starts relating their lives to the forest and it’s denizens, thus creating a larger and larger group of protectors through the years!

Beyond sightings - A vision of Kanha Tiger Reserve

Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Forest Department, Kanha Tiger Reserve conducted a Nature Education Camp for 23 visually impaired students and their teachers from the Ananya Manav Seva Sai Samiti, Jabalpur in Jan 2017. A first time ever in the forest for these students, the idea was to help them connect with nature based purely on touch, calls and hearing. This video is an attempt to showcase a few glimpses of the time spent with the students.

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