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Camping with the Pardhis, Panna TR

Date: July 2021

After the success of the Walk with the Pardhis , it is time to welcome our brand new venture, ‘Camping with the Pardhis’ at Panna Tiger Reserve which is a truly unique experience in the lap of wilderness. Camping with the tribe has been initiated as an alternative means of livelihood for the community members, as well as to create awareness about the culture and traditions of the tribe,  along with a  chance to experience how the tribe lived during their days in the wilderness.  As guests, you will also be privy to some spectacular stories around a camp fire, or while savouring a Pardhi cooked meal.  Approximately 18 Pardhi community members have been trained for the camping experience by the excellent management team of Jehan Numa Wilderness, who are also our partners for the project. Extreme care has been taken to make the camping facilities  basic, eco-friendly and comfortable.

To book your camping experience, please write to – conservation@thelastwilderness.org

Photo credit: Aron Klein for VERA, Erwin Rose, Jehan Numa Wilderness 

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