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Forest Guards’ Training Programme

Last Wilderness Foundation in collaboration with Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve conducted a 1 day training programme on 23rd July 2016, for 40 new Forest Guard entrants at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Presided by the Field Director, Shri. K. Raman and Joint Director Shri.K. P Bangar, the participants who were from backgrounds other than wildlife,after a round of introduction and orientation by the Field Director and Chief Administrative Officer, Last Wilderness Foundation, Vidya Venkatesh, were initiated into a session of wildlife theory with the help of various interactive activities based on chapters of tiger stripe identification, identification of birds based on their size, beaks and feet, understanding ecosystems, animal tracks and signs and different types of herbivores. The participants were also treated to a round of  hypothetical animal which urged them to think logically about animal functionality and wildlife Bingo and Dominoes which helped them identify and learn of  the different species present in the reserve.

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