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Pardhi education centers, Panna TR


Date: May 2021

Through this pandemic, the school children in the rural areas have missed out a lot on the education front. Especially for the Pardhi students, since the schools & hostels are closed, they have been away from their online sessions or even their books, for a while now. Also, almost 80% of the Pardhi students are not even enrolled in schools. Our older Pardhis students, who’re currently on the verge of graduating, came up with a plan to help educate these primary students in their own clusters (deras). With the sponsorship from one of our donors, Priya Venkatesh, they initially started a pilot Education Centre at the Satna dera with a few students. Subsequently, more students wanted to join the centre and they proposed a project to us (LWF) to start Pardhi Education Centres at 2 different locations, Panna & Satna. Looking at the commitment shown by these educated youth from the Pardhi community, we were very happy to support them in whatever way we could.

Thus, with the help of our generous donors, we have now initiated 2 Pardhi Education Centres (PEC), which has almost 50 plus primary level students. Once the schools reopen, these centres would act as an additional class for these students. Our Pardhi youth has been committed to the cause and have been conducting providing lessons through books & games. The students have been provided with slates & chalk along with information charts & blackboards for the classrooms. We would like to take this initiative forward and help them make these PECs into a smart classroom which will enable volunteers from the cities to provide support through sessions that can be conducted remotely/ virtually. Also, the vision is to initiate similar centres in other locations.

We are very happy & proud to share this initiative as the first ever project being run by the Pardhi students, who’re the torchbearers of change for this community. We’re grateful to Stree NGO & Morningstar for supporting this project. If you’d like to support this initiative, kindly write to us at conservation@thelastwilderness.org


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