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Sessions with ‘VIDYA’ NGO

Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) and VIDYA NGO have collaborated to spread awareness about wildlife and the environment and to inculcate in people the need to protect and preserve them. VIDYA is an organisation that conducts holistic and integrated programmes that focus on education and empowerment, for children and adults, from lesser-privileged sections of society.

Three sessions were held for children from Classes V to X, who were divided into three batches and were shown a presentation on the Royal Bengal Tiger and its role in the ecosystem. The first session, which was held for 40 students from Classes V-VII followed by a discussion on steps to save the tiger as well as man-animal conflict, with a special emphasis on man-leopard conflict, which is prevalent in Mumbai. After the session, the kids created wonderful sketches and drawings of images and scenes from the forest.

60 Students from Classes VIII and IX attended the second session, during which Bhavna Menon from LWF conducted a presentation on Birds and their importance to our environment. This led to a discussion about birds and bird watching in Mumbai, during which one student sharing his experience of having watched flamingoes wading and fishing in Sewree.

The last session of the day was held for students of Class X, who expressed their concern about the depleting tiger population and shared ideas on tiger conservation. What was interesting about this session was how the students conveyed their thoughts on the connection between the tiger and the environment, which led to intense discussions on tree plantation drives, water wastage, recycling and other important environmental issues.


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