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Snake bite Management training programme, Panna TR


Date: June 2019

As part of the continued community initiatives in the pre-monsoon season, LWF in association with Zero Bites, Nature Works India and the management of  Panna Tiger Reserve, conducted a Snake-bite management training for the ground staff Panna Tiger Reserve, staff from Taj Pashangarh, villagers of Pagra village, NMDC staff and snake charmers of Saptaiya village with regard to precautionary measures for preventing a snake-bite and the Do’s and Don’ts  along with an action plan in case of a snake bite, which was demonstrated practically. During the sessions, extra empahsis was laid on visiting a proper hospital or medical center instead of going to a local ‘tantrik’ for treatment.

This apart, sessions were also conducted for media personnel for proper reportage on incidents of snake bite.  All the sessions were conducted by Kedar Bhide who also addressed doctors at Amanganj Primary Health Center, Civil hospital and office of Panna Tiger Reserve with regard to a proper treatment procedure in case of a snake bite. The sessions were organised specially before the onset of monsoon so as to aim at a ‘Zero’ snake-bite death record this year.

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