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Village Kids’ Awareness Programme, Bandhavgarh TR, April 2018

Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Forest Department conducted the 14th leg of the Village Awareness programme in the buffer zone of the tiger reserve, in order to sensitise the students about the bio-diversity that exists around them and the need to protect the same. 

During the course of the programme, the students were taken to the park wherein they were initiated into the world of wilderness and exposed to the various sights and sounds of the forest. 

The safari was followed by screening of the movie ‘The Truth About Tigers’ and an interactive session about conservation measures and what each one of them can do in their capacity  to give shape to these measures.

During the post safari interaction, special emphasis was given to prevention of forest fires during the Mahua collecting season and the need to be safe while living in proximity of the tiger reserve. The safety measures were re-iterated with the help of the ‘Tiger song’  which highlights the do’s and dont’s of living next to a tiger reserve. 

The students also had a chance to meet with the Forest Department staff like the Ranger, Kallwah, Shri. Bharat Mishra and the Deputy Officer, Shri. Tihar Singh. The two officers encouraged the students to support the Forest Department in the protection of the forests, especially with regard to report any misgivings within the reserve and to plant more trees in the upcoming monsoon season. 

The programme undertaken from 14th – 17th April 2018,  witnessed interaction with 197  students covering 3 villages, namely Chechariya, Sakariya and Raipur villages located in the Dhamokhar region of the park.

The Village Kids’ Awareness programme, initiated in the year 2012 aims to further aid conservation with the help of communities and to undertake the cause of awareness, understanding, sensitisation, among those who share their space with the tiger.

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