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VKAP – Bandhavgarh TR, February 2016

To read the detailed report for this programme, click here.

Through the years, almost 4 years now, the idea behind our Village Kids’ Awareness Programme (VKAP) has been about providing insights and solutions to the students that we expect for them to take back with them. This leg of the programme, which happens to be the 10th in this initiative, turned out to be one of the most learning-oriented sessions. This time, us being the students, made us learn and gain insights into the different attitudes, mindsets, maturity and reasoning of the villagers that often goes beyond our myopic thought process. A through and through learning experience, we are convinced that if learning’s from both ends of the fence (the decision makers/department/authorities and the people of the forest) are given equal importance and are discussed in a common environment, wildlife in this country faces a more than positive future.

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