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Alternative Livelihoods through Arts and Craft, Kanha TR

Date: August 2021 – December 2022

LWF believes in conservation of India’s biodiversity through community conservation practices. In line with this vision, an alternative livelihood program was developed in association with the Baiga community of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, which utilizes their traditional jewellery-making skills and culture and establishes it as a legitimate and sustainable form of livelihood. This not only reduces their dependency on limited natural resources of the forest, but also helps to preserve dying cultures and art forms of tribal communities from Central India. 

Approximately 20 women from Khatiya and Mukki areas have been involved in the alternative livelihood program established in Kanha Tiger Reserve. A training program by Ms. Ankita Roy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Design, IIT Hyderabad, was conducted to provide selected women with the training necessary to create the products and fine-tune their traditional skills. The program has resulted in the production and sale of more than 150-200 pieces, with profits of over INR 50,000 to several local and pan-India businesses. The program currently supports 4 villages.

This initiative is being supported by Madhya Pradesh Tiger Foundation Society.

To read more about this project, click here.

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