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Nature Guide Training Program, Kuno NP

Date: November 2022 

The Nature Guide Training Program was initiated for participants from all possible villages around Kuno National Park for the park’s three tourist gates. The programme was conducted at two locations for ease of access, one at Agra Ecocentre Campus for the participants registering for the Peepalbaudi Gate and the second at Sesaipura Forest Campus for the participants registering for Tiktoli and Ahira tourist gates. 

The participants were a mix of ones nominated by the Forest Department and Last Wilderness Foundation, and there were many walk-in participants who came to know about the workshop and wished to join. The training was designed and executed by professional trainer, Mr. Arjun Manjunath from The Naturalist School, Bangalore. 20 nature guides per gate were targeted to be trained, and the training saw a participation of over 80 participants, with a retention of 55 participants by the end of the 2 training sessions. 

This initiative is being supported by Dalmia Charitable Trust. 

To read our report about the Training Programme, click here.

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