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Alternative sources of livelihood, Panna TR

Date: March 2020

As part of the ongoing project ‘Unnati’ which was started in 2015 by Last Wilderness Foundation continues to work with the Pardhi community,  to wean them away from the traditional practices of hunting, by providing them with alternative sources of livelihood and empowering  them with the necessary skill sets to enjoy a dignified place in society.

To this effect, Last Wilderness Foundation has initiated the following projects:

Training Pardhi community members with regard to poultry rearing as a sustainable means of livelihood, as it is, easily marketable, cost effective and is a good source of calcium and boosts immunity. The initiative can be further strengthened by tying up with companies in the city who will provide chicks and then buyback once reared and ready to sell for ‘desi’ or broiler chicken. Tying up with the animal husbandry department for hardy and popular species and tying up with resorts and open markets for buying of eggs and chickens from these concerned units

Training Pardhi girls with regard to setting up of a beauty parlour cum tailoring unit, which can also act as a sustainable means of livelihood, as it is, easily marketable, will make the identified individuals, in this case, the girls, financially independent, help with confidence building and has flexible work hours

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