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Forest fire prevention programme, Panna TR

Date:  January – March 2020

In the 2nd leg of the forest fire prevention awareness programme Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Panna Tiger Reserve management undertook the initiative for approximately 600 villagers from 20 villages, namely: Jhinna, Saliya, Ghurho, Banhari, Patha, Hanumathpur, Pathapur, Patauri, Pandvan, Koni, Ranguva, Kabar, Saleya, Imliya, Dhodhan, Lalaar, Jardobha, Jaruapur, Bgauha and Harsa  between 7th January – 11th March 2020. The programme was targeted during this specific time period to proactively address the issue of forest fires by actively engaging with the villagers and motivating them for a ‘zero incidence’ Summer season in Panna.

Apart from this, the initiative aimed to  ensure a collaborative ownership of protecting the forests through various measures like joint patrolling by the villagers along with the Forest Dept staff, information sharing of any illegal activity in and around these villages, DOs & DON’Ts to avoid any animal attack, reinstating EDC meetings for further discussions etc. During the programme an open-house session was also held with each village to bring up the problems that the villagers are facing and the possible solutions that can be implemented with the help of the Panna TR’s support.

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