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Community Conservation Program, Kuno WLS

Date: February 2022 – ongoing 

Mogia’s and the Sehria’s are the two major tribes around the Kuno National park, and it is imperative that these communities have access to basic living needs, quality education and honorable livelihood opportunities. Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Kuno Forest Department and the Dalmia Charitable Trust is working with these communities, so that their dependency on the forest and the conflict between the humans and wild animals is reduced. Making sure that every child in every dera around Kuno NP gets access to quality education and is able to avail these education facilities is the primary goal of the project.

Going hand in hand, provision of honorable and sustainable livelihood opportunities to these communities is extremely crucial. These communities are extremely resourceful, highly intelligent and nature-friendly. While some of them have been hunter-gatherers in the past, their tracking skills and knowledge of nature could be re-channelized in not just protecting forests, but also providing the communities a steady, sustainable and honorable source of income. Homestay Hosts, Nature Guides, Traditional Chefs, Folk Artists, Handicraft Artisans and much more.

A comprehensive socio-economic survey of the villages is ongoing, to identify skill and interests in the community, potential areas of employment, scope of alternative livelihood development, the extent and access to existing infrastructures and basic facilities including school, hospital, financial institutions etc. Further, based on the survey, LWF plans to conduct training for soft skills such as hospitality, nature guides, naturalists, gypsy driver, cook, cleaner etc.

This initiative is being supported by Dalmia Charitable Trust.

To read the annual report about this project, click here. 

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