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Culinary training, Panna TR


Date:  May  2019

Last Wilderness Foundation in association with Taj Safaris & IHCL has provided a short training course for women from Ranipur village in Panna on fine cooking skills and hosting of tourists during a village walk. As these women were already well versed with the ethnic dishes that are locally made, they were further fine tuned with not only cooking techniques but also with lessons on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. They were also given tips on putting together a few easy dishes that can be enjoyed by the guests. This initiative has been undertaken to not only provide a source of livelihood to the community members, but to also involve them in the conserving the wilderness that surrounds the village and is rich in faunal and floral diversity.

Thus, Panna now offers you ‘Walk with the Pardhis’, ‘Village Walk’ & ‘ Local food in the village’. These activities will be available even during the monsoons, and you can enjoy the most delicious of food, meet the best of the guides in the company of some beautiful forests, waterfalls and food!

To know more details about how to book a walk or on more details about the activities, please write to us at – conservation@thelastwilderness.org

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