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Anubhuti Programme


Date: January 2019

Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) in association with the Forest Department of Kanha, Panna & Bandhavgarh has helped in the successful execution ( with the help of the field co- ordinators and volunteers) of the Anubhuti programme being undertaken in the concerned reserves via personal involvement and with the help of volunteers. Anubhuti is a state-wide programme initiated by the MP Eco Tourism Development Board in association with the MP Forest Department. The aim of the programme is to sensitise the students towards nature & wildlife, to educate them about the precautionary measures and Do’s and Dont’s of living in proximity to a forest, with special emphasis on how the wilderness spaces and the denizens living within are crucial to our own survival.

To this effect, the programme involves taking the children for a safari to help them understand the bio- diversity that exists in our forests and the interconnectedness of all the denizens, followed by a de- briefing session re-iterating about the conservation value of our wilderness spaces with the help of a presentation and movie. The children are also taken on a nature trail wherein they are made familiar with the forest ecosystem and finally games with an environment message are initiated with the students so that the message of forest protection is clear in their minds as they depart.

LWF has been involved in the Anubhuti programme since 2017 and this year we have reached out to approximately 2000 students from the buffer area across the 3 tiger reserves.

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