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Meri Beat, Mera Abhimaan, Panna TR 2023

Date: March 2023

Last Wilderness Foundation, in association with Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, successfully launched and completed a three day interactive workshop and a field visit, aimed at improving interpersonal skills and imparting necessary Human Resource Training through an unique program named ‘Meri Beat, Mera Abhiman’. LWF recognizes the core stakeholder role of FD staff and, to this effect, aims to run a professional Human Resources-themed workshop to improve training, address issues, and overall boost morale. The eventual goal was that once staff feel more professionally supported and better equipped to discuss and understand their role,
they would not only take more pride in their jobs, but also be more willing to engage with other stakeholders to protect the forest better.

The workshop was successfully conducted at Panna Tiger Reserve and was attended by over 25 Forest and Deputy Rangers along with Range Forest Officers of 2 ranges (Panna core and Amanganj buffer ranges).

To read our report about this project, click here.


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