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Walk with the Pardhis, Panna TR


Date: October 2018

Pardhis are a nomadic community that since the time of the Mughal emperors, have been hired to help in shikar (hunting), whether it was for sport for the British or for the royal kitchens of the ‘zameendars’ (landowners). However, due to combined efforts of the Forest Department and NGO’s, a large part of the population has given up hunting. Thus, ‘Walk with the Pardhis’, an initiative undertaken by Last Wilderness Foundation in association with Taj Safaris and Forest Department, Panna Tiger Reserve not only encourages this reformation, but also aims at providing an alternative source of livelihood for the community members while utilising their already existing skill sets.

The crux of the venture is to go on an experiential walk in the wilderness with the people of the forest wherein, you will be privy to the age old knowledge of the Pardhi community members along with some spectacular stories from the forest. This initiative is also bound to help you reconnect with the wilderness, as well as help ‘read’ the forest as the Pardhis do, where the trained Pardhi guide will lead a nature trail for tourists, students or nature enthusiasts on a designated trail/ route in Panna.

To know more about this trail, or to go on a walk with the community members, please write to us at – conservation@thelastwilderness.org

3 thoughts on “Walk with the Pardhis, Panna TR”

  1. So heartening to see the documentary on Panna Tiger Reserve and the role you’ll play in integrating the community. Being a Psychologist involved with Elephant Welfare gives us renewed hope.

    Best wishes

  2. I am very Much impressed by what I saw on TV program about the Paridhi community.
    Deepak Rau
    I am a Resident of Mumbai

    1. Vidya Venkatesh

      Thank you Deepak Rau. We’re so glad that you liked the programme. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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