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Conservation outreach program, Bandhavgarh TR

Date: August 2022 – ongoing

Bandhavgarh has 96 villages in its buffer area. Human-wildlife conflict is one of the key challenges faced by Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. This includes conflicts with tigers, sloth bears, wild boars and herbivores. To top this, Bandhavgarh has also had an inflow of wild Elephants from the neighboring states in the past 2-3 years, which have now settled in the buffer villages.

In response, LWF team has initiated dialogue with the community members and school children of the villages in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. In the last couple of months buffer villages of Rohiniya, Mardari, Dhamokhar, Parasi, Khitauli, Panpatha have been visited and outreach activities have been conducted in village community spaces and schools.

This initiative is being supported by Morningstar India 

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