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Forest Fire Awareness Program, Panna TR 2023

Date: February 2023–April 2023

In the peak summer months, Panna Tiger Reserve is particularly prone to forest fires due to the extremely dry landscape. Furthermore, small fires by local villagers for cooking in the fields are often a high risk factor for the start of forest fires despite of protocols by the Forest Department. Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Panna Tiger Reserve Management developed a Fire Awareness and Prevention Program to spread awareness and following safe practices to avoid the start and spread of forest fires.

Nearly 600 people were reached out via the scope of the project, spanning 20 villages across five ranges. A safari ride was also arranged for the participants to the Reserve and to a local landmark, the Pandav Falls. Overall, the opportunity was also used to build a relationship and trust amongst the different stakeholders, especially the Forest Department with the local community.

To read our report on the program, click here.

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