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Primary medical camps, Panna Tiger Reserve


Date: August- September 2020

Last Wilderness Foundation in association with the Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) Management and Vikalp Samaj Sanstha (VSS) conducted primary medical camps for 694 people from the villages of Gahadara, Kudani, Koni, Majhouli, Katehri, Bilhata, Bagonha, Harsa, Nahri, Lalar and Tapariyan from 28th August to 14th September 2020. The participants included local community members and the PTR frontline staff.

The camps included general health check up of the community members wherein, the community members were given the required medication in keeping with the concerned ailment. Distribution of sanitary pads was also undertaken for the women participants.

In addition, the participants were also made aware of the precautionary measures to be taken for COVID- 19 and were given masks to ensure safety during the present pandemic. The smooth execution of the camps was due to the support of the local gram panchayat and the eco development committees of the concerned villages.

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